We’ve released the AdRoll Facebook API. This API replaces the Facebook campaign management previously done in the CRUD API.

With the new API you can:

  • Connect Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to AdRoll
  • Create and manage both retargeting and prospecting campaigns
  • Manage Creative, AdSets, and Ads
  • Manage targeting

One overlooked benefit of using the AdRoll Facebook API to manage Facebook campaigns is that our Engineering team insulates you from Facebook’s quarterly API update cycle. This allows you to spend more time building features and less time maintaining existing functionality. For each Facebook Marketing API upgrade, our Engineering team spends two weeks reviewing the updated documentation, making changes, and testing. All of this works ensures a stable experience for your applications.

With this release, we are deprecating Facebook campaign management in the CRUD API. We call campaigns created via the CRUD API legacy Facebook campaigns. Legacy Facebook campaigns will be supported until July 15th, 2018. After that time, you won’t be able to create legacy campaigns.

Legacy Facebook campaigns are not compatible with the standalone Facebook API. We recommend letting existing campaigns run until completion and create new FB campaigns using the new API.

Ready to get started? Checkout our AdRoll Facebook API overview and guide to creating Facebook campaigns.

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