AdRoll SQL Overview

AdRollSQL sends your AdRoll performance (impressions, clicks, conversions) data to a Redshift, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database that you host. It’s an easy way to receive your AdRoll data and integrate it with your ETL pipeline.

Setup your AdRoll SQL in the AdRoll Dashboard. See the AdRoll Help for AdRoll SQL setup instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data is included?

Your AdRoll performance (impressions, clicks, conversions) data. See AdRoll SQL Schema for details.

Do you do a backfill?

We backfill 30 days of data.

How often is the data refreshed?

The data is refreshed every day.

Are there password restrictions?

Your password cannot contain any of the follow characters: +@!{}();%^

How do I give AdRoll permission to write to RDS or Redshift?

Allow our IP address,, to write to your instance.

Does AdRoll host a SQL solution?

Not yet, please send us a feedback if you are interested.