AdRoll Email API Overview

Triggered by browsing behavior, AdRoll Email helps win customers with personalized product recommendations, promotions, or cart reminders.

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For details on how to authenticate, refer to Get Started with the AdRoll API.

Service Walkthrough

The objects of AdRoll model form a likely familiar (e.g., AdWords-esque) hierarchy.

  • Advertisable - an advertising profile representing a brand (e.g., “Bob’s Pets”)
    • Campaign 1 – Email Campaigns configure the goals and user behavior that will trigger –or cancel– an email to them.

    • Campaign ...

    • Campaign N
      • CampaignEmail 1 – Defines the content of the email as a template and when it will be sent to a user. Several emails can be chained one after another to drive a reaction from the user. Once a reaction is detected the chain is stopped.
      • CampaignEmail ...
      • CampaingEmail N
      • Segment 1 – Segments represent conditions that will trigger or cancel an email to a user. A segment can be used either for inclusion or exclusion; triggering or cancelling an email send. Segments can be AdRoll’s own segments, lists of Emails provided the customer, etc.
      • Segment ...
      • Segment N

Each object is referred to with a unique id (called an “EID” or external id) which consists of 22 alphanumeric characters (e.g., “AX4BDADOHNFIDLETVWBLY3”).