Reporting API Release Notes

This is a list of release notes for the API. We obey semantic versioning, keeping in mind that at this time of writing, our version is lower than 1.0, and therefore the API is subject to breaking changes. We will keep users notified of any upcoming breaking changes and provide lead time for migration. Details are explained in the Reporting API Change Policy.

We list x.y.z-SNAPSHOT versions below when we intend to make breaking changes in the next release. This serves as a reference for migration.

0.2.0-SNAPSHOT - upcoming

  • Breaking change We intend on removing the events metric. This means that the events field will be removed from the deliveries JSON endpoints, and eve will be removed as a column from the corresponding CSV export endpoints. Note that this is more impactful for the CSV export endpoints, since the positioning of the columns matters, whereas if you were not using the JSON endpoint response field then there is no impact. The documentation for the affected endpoints has been updated to mark those fields as DEPRECATED. We found that in its current form, this metric was not very useful or informative, and will be replaced by a more granular set of endpoints in the future. Given its lack of usefulness, we will aim for a more aggressive sunset date. Estimated sunset date: 2016-10-14


  • Release notes started. This marks the official start of version 0.1.0.