Creating Web Ads

Static Web Ads

To create a static web ad, you need to specify:

  • Advertisable EID to add the advertisement to
  • Destination URL where to send the user when the ad is clicked
  • Image file to upload


curl --user \
    -F advertisable=8597013E81481B0FE28772 \
    -F name="Test Ad 300x250" \
    -F destination_url= \
    -F file=@300x250.png \


  "results": {

    "eid": "2A842B75A34EF695A5AA9D",
    "name": "Test Ad 300x250",
    // ...

Dynamic Web Ads

To create Dynamic Web Ads, you first need to ensure you’ve uploaded a logo for your Advertisable.

Create the Dynamic Web Ads

You create a set of Dynamic Web Ads by calling /api/v1/ad/create_templated_web_ads. When calling the method, you need to specify the ID of the template you’d like to use. The table below provides the IDs and examples. The endpoint returns a list of ads created, which you can then add to your campaigns.

Template ID Theme name
0 Classic spotlight
1 Classic carousel
2 Duotone carousel
3 Holiday spotlight
4 Holiday carousel
10 Valentine spotlight
13 Valentine carousel


curl --user \
    -d advertisable=8597013E81481B0FE28772 \
    -d name='test' \
    -d theme_color='#FFFFFF' \
    -d text_cta='Shop Now' \
    -d dynamic_template_name=1 \


  "results": [
      "eid": "05995D19B6B19DD08AAF00",
      "name": "Dynamic_728x90_3/3/2017_1_test",
      // ...

Dynamic Web Templates

Classic Spotlight


Holiday spotlight


Valentine spotlight